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Audition to be a Contestant

Apply as Administrative Help  |  Main RPG Information  |  Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Contestant Auditions

Welcome to survivor_aph RPG, Tropical Island Edition! If you have accessed this post then you are a practised roleplayer interested in becoming a part of the game play.

It is essential that you have read over and understood the basics of this RPG format before going further, so please take a moment and click here to do so, if you have not already. =)

In this post, LiveJournal users will have the opportunity to audition to be a part of the first game play run. For a successful first run, Tribal Council has developed an audition process to select the contestants whom will best be suited for this style of RPG.

It is important to note that unlike many other Axis Powers Hetalia RPG communities currently out there, this is first and foremost a game rather than free-for-all conversation. A passive storyline will subtly guide all the players in their individual activity throughout the game play. 

Also, even though the format of the RPG is based heavily on the reality show, Survivor, by no means must you choose act like any of the actual show's contestants. For all intents and purposes you are a nation-tan who has been stranded in a strange land, and must work with your tribe to escape back to civilization, in hopes of becoming the Sole Survivor.

Tribal Council will suggest obstacles with the weather, food, water, and between contestants in a non-invasive, story-telling format to provent stagnation, which will become obvious once game play begins.

Also, winning challenges won't be the only way to recieve rewards. Occasionally, the most keen players will notice special crates and useful wreckage wash up upon the Island shore... =)

For the purposes of keeping survivor_aph entertaining and understood by anyone who chooses to watch the game unfold, the following rules and conduct for role-play should be adhered to closely:
  • WWII Timeline, circa 1940s era. Please, this means no ipods, cellular phones, or Shinatty-chan if possible. Extensive knowledge is not required. Small errors are absolutely ok. Modern slang where appropriate is more than accepted.
  • No use of "Human Names" (Ex. Ludwig waved at Kiku and also at Vash). Country names should remain the sole titles for the characters.
  • Players must have good grasp of the English language, grammar and spelling.
  • Players must be available to participate first hand in at least 10 out of the 15 elimination challenges. Dedication to being a player is the main attribute being looked for.
Rules may be subject to change as unforseen circumstances arise, so when in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact Tribal Council!

There is currently 1 character position available for Administrative Help. This position is non-contestant. Holding the ability to be a storyline guide, this character is also a moderator for player conduct and continuity. 

1. Open (Click here to Apply)

There are currently 6 character positions available for Contestant Role-Players.

All spots may be filled by any created nation-tan who has so far appeared in the main Hetalia web comic strips or anime. For a list of the exact countries allowed, see the Community Profile under the 'Interests' heading.

1. Italy (North)   [1 Audition Recieved]  
2. America   [1 Audition Recieved]  
3. Egypt   [1 Audition Recieved]  
4. Russia   [1 Audition Recieved] 
5. France   [1 Audition Recieved]  
6. Canada   [1 Audition Recieved] 
7. Lithuania   [2 Auditions Recieved]   [1 more Auditions available]
8. Estonia   [1 Audition Recieved] 
9. Liechtenstein   [1 Audition Recieved] 

Simply highlight and copy (Right click + copy, ctrl + C) the following questions and past it into a comment. Answer the interview questions as the character you wish to play, then submit your audition. A maximum of 3 auditions will be accepted for the same character before the best suited roleplayer will be chosen.

Audition Questions
1. Good afternoon, Nation! How was your morning? What did you do?

2. Interesting! Well, what do you plan on doing later?

3. It seems I’m the bearer of bad news. All your plans are about to change… Your transport has encountered a destructive disaster and has left you stranded in a remote land. What possessions are you immediately stricken to lose?

4. I think I’m beginning to get a better picture of you, Nation...

5. I’m curious though, is there any other Nation you hope does not outwit, outplay, and outlast you to become the Sole Survivor?

6. My last question is an easy one. What would you wish for if you wished upon a star?

7. In the space below, add anything else that describes you. Thank you for your audition!

Administration Questions
1. How active a role-player do you plan to be?

2. Would you be willing to accept a different character position if you aren’t chosen for this one? If yes, please list which characters in preferred order.

3. Where or how did you find out about this RPG?

A customized role-play account is not needed in order to audition. Simply answer the questions in character! You may re-submit your audition at any time between now and the deadline. (Tip: Keep in mind the rules & continuity)

You will recieve a confirmation that your audition has been recieved via a Private Message (if this function is turned on), or via a comment on your journal.

All Auditions will be screened! No one else will see your audition until all cast members have been chosen. At this point your audition will become your character bio for the contestant roster.

In the event that Tribal Council does not fill the full roster of 16 characters within the allocated time, positions will be dropped and the game will be shortened to a new amount of eliminations. If an even amount of auditions occurs for more than the allotted 16 positions, extra ones will be added to the roster.  =)

Please Apply below in a Comment


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Oct. 4th, 2009 07:12 am (UTC)
. . . sorry if I'm jumping the gun, but I just don't see a code to copy and paste. How do we apply?
Oct. 4th, 2009 05:56 pm (UTC)
Hi there!
Hello! I'm shocked a nation has found this hide-away! The game hasn't been launched right now because of a week of set-backs, so the audition questions and codes haven't been uploaded yet.

The audition deadlines will be changed, and hopefully by this Monday the RPG will have finalized graphics/logos and will be posted to hetalia and elsewhere.

What you will see at that time is a list of audition questions in this post that you can simply answer in character. Hope that explained it!

If you'd like to ask any more questions, please feel free to contact Tribal Council in this post!
( 2 comments — Leave a comment )