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Survivor: Axis Powers Hetalia

Role Playing Game

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Axis Powers Hetalia RPG based on the formula of the hit series; Survivor
Survivor: APH
An Axis Powers Hetalia Role Playing Game

Welcome to the Axis Powers Hetalia Role-Playing Game based on the hit television series; Survivor!

Please take a moment to read over this Profile Information before making any posts to the community.

Joining: Please do not join the community. Only chosen contestants will be given membership and posting ability. If you would like to keep up to date with the RPG then please make use of the 'watch' function!

Posting: Only accepted members to the game may post to the community. After auditions have been concluded all chosen contestants or admin help will gain posting access.

~Always use an in-character avatar.
~Never post questions as seperate posts, make use of Admin Posts, or contact jeffprobst of Tribal Council.

Conduct: Players are expected to always have good spelling and meaningful posts. Rudeness or foul play should not take place.

Please Tag your entries.

~ Players need to tag their posts with their country name, as well as other country names if another player converses with you in your post. This will make finding player historys easy.
~ Please tag your entries with the corresponding task, challenge, or reward default tags if they pertain to these parts of game play. This will make reading these important posts simple.
~ Do not create any of your own tags. Please bring the need for a new tag up with a moderator.

1. jeffprobst
2. Apply Here

Resource Links:
Axis Powers Hetalia Official Website
English Scanlation Index
Hetalia LiveJournal Community

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