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Apply as Administrative Help

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Administrative Help

For the Tropical Island Edition of survivor_aphthere is 1 position available for Administrative Help. 

1. Open (Moderator Status)

As a neutral nation (one not appearing on the contestant roster), the Moderator would be a non-playing character who is in charge of making sure the contestants do not break the rules and guidelines. This position also includes reminding contestants of specifics during Challenges or Tasks if not adhered to, as well as furthering game play.

A Role-Play journal is not required for this position -- use of a community avatar is all that will be needed. Preferably the avatar will have the appropriate nation.

Anyone who applies for this position should please be available to speak with myself (jeffprobst) regularly to discuss storylines, challenge ideas, and anything relating to the RPG game play. MSN Messenger is a major bonus.

A 2 month paid account will be given as a gift at the end of the game run to the helpful person who can do this job.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Please Apply below in a Comment