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An online role-playing game based on the formula
of the hit television reality competition series; Survivor

Inspired by the "We're Shipwrecked!" and "We're Shipwrecked, too!" comic strips by Himaruya Hidekaz from the popular manga & anime, Axis Powers Hetalia. This RPG was created to explore this highly entertaining storyline.

16 castaways are forced to work together to survive against the elements... and each other! At the end, only ONE, the Sole Survivor, will claim the grand prize.

You don't have to have watched the Survivor series to play this game! The general structure will be similar, but not everything will be be included, and some new ideas will appear as well. =) 

  • Players will be randomly split into 2 tribes; Tribe One, and Tribe Two (Click here to Audition)
  • Opening Ceremonies - Players give their introductory posts and meet the other contestants. 
  • There will be approximately 15 issued elimination challenges over the course of the game play.
  • There will be 3 immunity challenges issued. Immunity will be chosen by the Tribal Council Host ( jeffprobst)
  • Challenges will occur over the span of approximately a week (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) to allow each tribe time to strategize and execute their plan with as many of the members as possible.
  • Each contestant will begin with a special ability or item (ex. America's super strength or Japan's katana) which will be expected to be of primary use to complete at least 1 challenge but no more than 3 challenges.
  • A Tribal Council Ceremony will be held at the end of each challenge to determine the winning tribe.
  • The winning tribe will be given an important survival item, which will aid them in the their quest to return to civilization.

In order for  survivor_aphto run smoothly, please read and follow these rules closely. Rules may be subject to change as unforseen circumstances arise, so when in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact Tribal Council

  • Stay IN CHARACTER as much as possible. Do as your character would do.
  • No God-Modding of abilities -  tribes are meant to complete tasks together.
  • Romance is not forbidden, but keep in mind one day you may find yourself or your special other eliminated...
  • During game play, contestants may find themselves confined to certain areas of The Island before being able to progress further. Posts must reflect and respect these location barriers/limitations.
  • Any violence or harrassment between contestants which occurs outside of challenges, if caught, will result in elimination.
  • Voting must always be done via your LJ role-play account to ensure no foul play.
  • No conspiring in the voting process.


The Sole Survivor of Survivor: APH will recieve a 1 year paid account from LiveJournal (alternatively two 3-month subscriptions to DeviantART, or something of similar/equal monetary value). Depending on the success of the RPG, bigger and better prizes may be added into the pot!

At the end of each issued elimination challenge over the course of the game run, 1 player from the losing team will be eliminated

Each member of the losing team will vote to eliminate a player via screened posts to the Tribal Council, which will remain anonymous. If the vote is conclusive, the eliminated player will lose their ability to post to the community, and therefore become a part of the audience.

The hope is to have many future 'seasons' of Survivor: APH with potentially different contestants each time.

Make sense? Up to the challenge?
Then come on in, guys!